Kutcher Cougar coup

No wonder he looks like the cat that got the cream. Ashton Kutcher, soon to be ex-husband of Hollywood superstar Demi Moore, has been approached by toy-boy specialist dating site CougarLife.com to head up a high profile media campaign to be broadcast on radio and TV.

The ‘lucrative’ deal will also include personal appearances on behalf of the niche online dating platform by the Two-and-a-half Men star. He may well want to steer clear of the UK dating scene for a while, though, as many British women would seemingly love to get their claws into him, after he scooped the 2011 ‘top cub’ award as their most coveted fantasy toy boy. More than just ‘tickly under there’, then.

Claudia Opdenkelder, the president of the dating site, which caters for experienced women looking to pass their knowledgeable ways in the art of lovemaking down to a younger generation of men, is quick to defend that rite of passage, ‘I don’t think that the age difference played a role…they had a beautiful marriage for over five years and, like many relationships, it came to an end.’

Not exactly a die hard romance, then.

Madge, Kabbalah & Hollywood husbands

Another Hollywood legend, who perhaps considered a guru on toy-boys, show-biz relationships and split-ups is offering Demi continual support and spiritual guidance. Madonna, once married to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie of Hollywood fame, is sharing her Kabbalah beliefs with Demi, to help her get over Kutcher, sixteen years her junior.

Madge’s message to Demi is to move on, take pride in the fact that she tried to make the marriage work even after it was discovered that Kutcher had been unfaithful and try to find ‘…someone who will fulfil her intellectually and emotionally.’

And it looks like that message is getting through; a last-ditch attempt by Kutcher to get Demi back on side by buying her a £64k sports car didn’t stop her from announcing official divorce proceedings a week later.

Perhaps, though, when Ms Moore does set out on that journey to find her next long-term relationship, she will not be using her 33 year-old soon-to-be ex’s dating site to search for prospects to fill that role.

There is more information, and an insightful definition, of cougars on womensissues.com
…however, as ‘real-life’ examples, perhaps they may want to swap the Moore/Kutcher reference for something more true to life; here’s to you, Mrs Robinson.

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