Not a Carrey in the world

If you consider yourself a ‘man’s man’, like your meat and two veg, have a dating site profile and are aged between 35 to 48, your luck may be about to change.

Former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy is on the prowl for a man again, following the break-up of her two-month fling with Paul Krepelka earlier in the year, and that description above is the type of guy she’s looking to land.

Worried that your receding hairline or that Roman nose may be preventing you from finding love online? Well don’t be. By her own admission, those characteristics are unimportant, as long as you’re “…really sweet” and “a perfect reflection of who [she is] now,”.

The former Miss October ‘93, once the partner of Hollywood superstar Jim Carrey, confirmed that she is ready to date again at the American Music Awards on Sunday evening. She’s not got anyone specific in mind, but knows what she wants and she’s using a dating site to cast her net.

It would appear that her relationships with figures in the limelight have taken their toll on the former glamour model, though. She yearns for a real man, like those of her Chiago upbringing, and is setting her sights on men beyond the trappings of Los Angeles who are neither likely to ask to borrow her make up nor choose the veggie option off the pub-grub menu.

star relationships attract unwarranted pressure

Stepping away from the ‘microscope’ of fame and fortune is a very important consideration for Miss McCarthy’s next relationship, as the scrutiny ‘star couples’ love-lives are subjected to, in her experience, can cause complications and add unnecessary pressure.

Although, that doesn’t mean the man she decides to start any long-term relationship with will be able to live off her earnings. It is very important to Jenny that the guy she ends up with from her online dating site must be able to ‘buy dinners and stuff like that.’

But don’t get rushing off to see if you’ve got a message from Jenny in your dating inbox. She is remaining somewhat anonymous and, like the profiles of the men she’ll be looking to build a relationship with, she is hoping that it’ll be her personality and not her fame that wins over her next man.

And, no – it’s highly unlikely that it will be one of the snaps from her ‘93 Playboy shoot that will be endorsing that dating site profile!

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