Dating males produce more than singles

According to a recent dating site survey, being in a settled, happy relationship has a more positive effect on productivity at work for men than it does for women. Almost two thirds of the male dating site members who participated in the poll believed that there bosses got more for the pound when they were seeing someone than when left to their own devices.

Women will, of course, claim that this all down to their positive influence. And there may well be an element of truth in that statement.

When you move from the vibrant, but sometimes lonely, singles world and become one half of a couple, after a while you do start taking on responsibility for your partner, as well as looking out for yourself.

This, for men at least, transfers into the office as they knuckle down to their tasks with more purpose, upping their output. Psychologists point to the fact that once the male of the species takes on a mate, a basic instinct kicks in and they become the hunter/gatherer, as did our ancestors 65,000 years ago.

There is, perhaps, a remnant of this instinct nudging the psyche of those males who took part in the matchmaking site’s survey. True or not, you can bet that their employer’s are not complaining.

There are always the naysayers, and this argument also draws opinion from opponents to that theory, who reflect on the simple differences between the single and coupled male. Compared with a single guy’s lifestyle, the habits of men in relationships become more sedentary as that pairing developments.

Gone are the Saturday afternoons (that would oft stretch into nights) with the other Neanderthals in the local bar. And instead of staying up until 3 or 4am checking out the ‘talent’ on their dating site they’re tucked up in bed, safe and warm with their partner, long before the dawn chorus even starts exercising it vocals.

So, yes; indirectly, the effect of women in a relationship does have a positive effect on the man in as much as that rip-roaring socialite is shelved, making way for the more responsible male.

In contrast, only slightly more than a half of the women who took part in the same online dating poll reflected that their productivity increased when they became embroiled with a member of the opposite sex.

Perhaps finding ways to keep that male monster safely in its jar, out of reach up with the bookends, is far more interesting than any spreadsheet or sales report could ever be. Either way, men or IT, women know how easy they are to fix by turning them off, then turning them back on again.

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