Catholics top naughty nookie poll

Depicted in many a film as god-fearing, righteous citizens, a poll of over half a million members on an extra-marital dating site has shown that, of those who chose to submit their religion, more than a fifth were Catholic.

As subjects of The Roman Church make up only 10% of the UK population, that is perhaps a surprisingly high amount. Or is it?

A Harley Street social therapist hazarded a guess as to why the specialist dating site poll produced the results it did.

Her thesis centres around the fact that too much discipline can often lead to acts of rebellion, akin to a ‘rage against the machine’ that is the doctrine laid down by The Vatican and its interpretation of The Bible when it addresses fidelity.

In essence, the therapist refers to escapism for Catholics and other strict religions that feature most prominently in the top three of sects in the online dating site likely to stray from the matrimonial bed, given the opportunity. Following years of ‘suffocation’, the temptation (Get thee behind me, Satan) to seek sexual gratification elsewhere can often be too great.

A spokeswoman for the adult dating site was possibly closer to the mark; she inferred that those with a religious background have an opinion, whether they believe it their own or it’s been instilled from a very early age, of what is right and wrong.

That accepted, of all the religions of members surveyed, the three that hold the strongest viewpoints when it comes to remaining faithful to the sacrament of marriage were more likely to be purely seeking the thrill of breaking the rules, more so than any deep, psychological issue, as the Harley Street therapist goes on to embelish.

Harley Street on God

From the subject matter of the results of the personals site poll, the therapist meanders a little from the point, underlining her views on The Bible and its place in society as a whole, stating:
“Religious texts have given us a tool on how to live and how not to live. Some religious beliefs can cause much pain and guilt, being obedient and powerless can cause ‘irrational guilt’ leading to depression.
“Many can get wrapped up in the idea that being good is more important then being happy.”

I’m sure that many who have suffered at the hands of happy and jubilant terrorists will agree with her, 100%, and not wished they’d remained on the right side of good, at all. Or not.

Other religions that were recognised in the dating site poll were Anglicans, who made up 33% of the members surveyed; so, almost a third of the poll was from that religion, but that must not have been so much of a surprise as that particular statistic was only mentioned as a byline in the subsequent report.

And then there were those submitted ‘no religion’ on the niche dating site, categorised as atheists and agnostics and C of E, as well as Jews and Methodists; the latter two were classed as most faithful when it came to honouring the sacrament of marriage.

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