‘Net’s net nett dating effect – part one

how one dating website is dealing with scammers

With the ever growing numbers of dating site members, not to mention the amount of actual matchmaking sites out there in cyber space these days, it is good to know that at least some of the more proficient ones have their singles’ best interests at heart.

With volumes of lonely hearts flooding dating websites across the internet, like the scent of blood to sharks, so the pariahs follow for their pound of flesh. Scamming is the pestilence that is the Achilles heel of the internet dating scene; no matter how genuinely hard some of the more prominent personals sites work to keep out this nuisance, there always seem to be take to take every successful bad apple’s place.

But, realistically, what can the administration of dating websites do to protect its trusting members from being, in a crass term, ripped-off beyond belief, by imposters who play on others low self-esteem and gullibility. Don’t be fooled – they can be difficult to spot; these fraudsters have been trained by the best and can pick out a weakness in even the most fortified of dating profiles.

As we have reported on countless occasions, here on dating.org.uk, there are ways in which the ever-approachable dating site member can arm ourselves without becoming too abrupt. But it’s good to see support from the webmasters of dating sites, platforms upon which we not only open up our hearts but also, seemingly, all too often our purses, too.

Okay, you accept that on a free dating site, where the revenue from sponsorship and advertising is the nett capital income of the company behind the web page, that admin and security are going to be minimal. But we all feel, especially in cash-strapped UK, dating sites that we contribute a monthly or quarterly membership fee to should not just leave it to us to filter out the phishes, but they should get their hands dirty, too.

Thankfully, one such dating website has done just that and perhaps is a yardstick that other such adult contact sites should measure themselves by.

To look further into the measures they are taking to protect you, proceed to part two…

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