Money no object for online romancers

Dating sites defy economic trends

With cut-backs and the tightening of budgets so prominent, you would expect luxuries to be the first thing to go. Accepting this to be true, it would appear that dating websites are considered a necessity, as membership numbers, even for paid dating sites, continue to rise.

This has been helped by an insurgence of members from mature dating singles, whose numbers have risen by almost 40% in the last two years.  Although, with the positive effect of social media has had on the UK dating scene, many younger individuals are so used to speaking to new friends and contacts over the cyberspace platform, that the step up to a matchmaking site is hardly noticeable.

One of the main reasons for the increase in individuals looking to dating websites for potential love interests is that, although there may be what is considered an expensive monthly subscription, it is ostensibly cheaper to pay that fee once a quarter than going out a few nights a week to bars and clubs where you have no guarantee that there will be any like-minded singles awaiting your arrival.

At least, when you log on to your dating site, you are guaranteed to be in a virtual room where other romantics looking for love on line. You have also skated around the headache of ironing a fresh top, a quick shave or wax and bolting down your tea after a long, hard slog at work to make it to your nearest pulling hotspot.

There is no reason why you can’t turn your dating site night in into a night on the town from within your own room.

After a while, you will have built up a database of several contacts who you know will be gracing the chatrooms and forums with regularity.  On those nights, what is stopping you filling your fridge with a few beers or a bottle of wine, get some snacks in, even get a mate around and make like you’re in a bar as you chat to potential online partners.

At least, with access to the dating site profiles before you initiate contact, hours of diatribe spent chatting up your target can be saved, and possibly several rounds of over-priced drinks, too.

Try not to go overboard with the alcohol, though. You do not want to get inebriated and find that you have proposed to seventeen other members of your dating site with the adrenilin-surge that dutch courage instigates.

Dating this way, if you are sensible and pragmatic about it, you really can narrow down your search for a long-term relationship. Or, if you’re not looking for lasting love, just someone local who you can have a mutual off-screen relationship with, without the headache of having to trapse bar upon bar to find them. The money you save on the hunt can be put towards an extra-special ‘first date’.

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