Christian dating site and young adults group join forces and provide convenient way for young adults to meet

On this side of the pond, dating sites are used by younger singles looking to make contact online to dip their toes into the water of discovering what relationships are all about. Yes, there are some UK dating sites where a focus on faith is pivotal to its nature, but any reference to faith in this country, rather than add leverage to its pulling power distances many sectors of the younger dating generation.

Whether that says more about our society or whether US faith-based society have learnt that good marketing is not a teaching from Beelzebub himself, I’ll leave you to decide.

The combination of, a ‘God-honouring’ dating site (atheists need not apply) and, who take young adults under their wing, aims to teach age-groups who may be ignorant of the Bible’s teachings how to date well in God’s eyes.

Boundless, a subsidiary of Focus on the Family, already have a target audience for; built up from it podcasts and online posts, these youngsters are already exposed to views regarding ‘biblical dating and relationships’ from a Christian point of view.

Not that this is a free dating service; it would seem that dues still have to paid, whether you have been groomed in the ways of Christian dating or just fancy signing up. As well as refreshing the message of the Bible and its teaching in the arts of love and romance in the eyes of God, the new partnerships has committed to ‘providing [young adults] with proven relationship advice.’

In addition, the joining of the two organisations believes that it is offering members “..another avenue for meeting, marrying and starting a God-honoring family in a way that’s culturally relevant yet still biblical and intentional.”

For existing Boundless readers, there is an additional one week free to run consequentially after the initial trial period.

If you fancy checking out the podcasts or articles issued by, you can sign up for a free weekly newsletter, here.

Alternatively, if you wish to go straight for that extra week’s free trial on top of the first ten days (7 free, + 3 for posting photos), go direct to’s dating site and enter the promo code “Boundless” to qualify.

All very convenient, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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