Lake all at sea following online dating disaster

It seems that celebrity guarantees no immunity when it comes to being swept off your feet by an online dating romance. However, star-status does not guarantee success as Dancing with the Stars contestant Ricki Lake reveals how, having been caught up in a whirlwind romance with a British gent she met via a dating website.

The mother of two, from her previous marriage to Rob Sussman, revealed to Newsweek magazine in a recent interview how, in her desperation to be with ‘someone’ for her birthday she almost made the biggest mistake of her life.

Although her friends warned her about the dangers of dating online, given her public status, she ignored her own reservations, too, exposing herself to all sorts of potential ne’er-do-wells who may take advantage.

And this is exactly what transpired.

The Brit, whom Ricki has not named, didn’t take long to weave his magic on the TV star. After only six weeks, her transformation under his spell was so complete she couldn’t even recognise herself in the mirror.

It was a month and a half where she was literally blinded by her new online love; the fact that he would order the most expensive item on the menu and be nice to her children to their faces but whinge to her staff when they were not around all went unnoticed as he built up her confidence.

So infatuated was she that she even had sessions with an immigration lawyer vis a vis obtaining his green card and even flew across the pond to meet his mother here in the UK with a view to getting married.

When it transpired that his online dating profile, in fact his whole demeanour, were only targeted to his attempt to gain a green card, his abuse of her status and the string of lies he’d thread Lake’s house of cards came tumbling down.

As if she needed confirmation, the day after Lake dumped the fraudster, she saw him in an intimate pose on facebook with one of her extended circle of friends.

She has not let the experience be wasted, however, and has learnt much from the lesson, one which all dating website members across the world can all benefit from.

Looking for love on line is not about simply looking for someone, it is looking for the one.
You have invested your time and effort to portray yourself in as true a nature as possible and you owe it to yourself to do that investment justice.

But guys, if you’re thinking you stand a chance, Ricki Lake is well and truly off the market, having found love since in the shape of Christian Evans

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