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Buried deep in the mythology of dating land is the ‘three-day rule’ – the supposed time a gentleman is expected to wait before approaching a lady following their first date. There are quarters that believe this is an outdated prerequisite, if it was ever valid at all.

Whether you agree with the rule or not, one thing is for certain – the three day dating waiting rule has been bisected, according to a new study of 200,000 singles interviewed after their first online match-up.

Admittedly, the rule was conceived in a time when suitors were restricted to land-lines and Royal Mail post if you wanted to follow-up in writing and was embedded into folklore by reference in the film ‘Swingers’.

How times have changed – with dating sites coming from beneath the shadow that dogged their image for years and social media moving at such a pace, both with its advance in technology and the speed with which it allows communication, the mythical three day rule has been banished to legend forever.

So, what is the new accepted follow-up waiting time, following your first date, whether you have met via a matchmaking site or, shock, horror, actually met without using online dating as your medium?

The precise time is 1.52 days, but we’re splitting hairs by not calling it one and a half days. This comes as a relief for so many men who have adhered to the rule with amazing regularity, it seems. The news also brings with it a breath of fresh air with it, as it transpires most women set no stall by the old yardstick and have often wanted men to get in touch sooner, rather than later, if that first date went well.

With so many platforms to get in touch with a potential partner outside of the dating site arena, it may be somewhat surprising that over a half of first-time daters prefer to be contacted by text. The traditional phone call also still fares well, with 3 in 10 men opting for actually talking the other half of their new found relationship their preferred choice.

However, the best advice, regardless of polls and opinions is to follow up when you thin the time is right. If you have made a real connection on that first date, you will instinctively know when to make that call, send that text, PM on your dating site, share, like or tweet.

Boy, am I glad I’m married? I wouldn’t know my Harris Poll from my Spanish Archer…

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