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dating profiles write-ups as important as photo

As more and more singles get used to using dating sites, there is a growing aptitude to be able to discern a potential partner’s suitability without having to view the profile photograph.

Far from delivering many dating sites‘ promises of being able to matchmake you, whatever you look like, a recent US study has shown savvy female dating site members can deduce whether the male they’re checking out is eye-catching enough from what they write about themselves to warrant taking their interest any further.

In recent studies revealed here on, we have seen how people are beginning to detect when members are stretching the truth about themselves beyond accepted parameters. Now, it seems, there is no hiding place at all if you have anything to conceal.

The study was simple enough in its format and utilised only a small section of participants. However, the results were persuasive enough for them to be adjudged conclusive and representative of the online dating community as a whole.

Using a group of fifty budding female active dating site members, the researchers presented them with one hundred male profiles. The criteria given to mark them on was their overall attractiveness, set against theoretical dating encounters: would they accept an invitation for either a date, an intimate fling or a long-term, lasting encounter.

In order that the group of women did not see a corresponding photograph to the text of the male profiles, they were split into sets of 25, to ensure unbiased judging, and asked to judge both on the impression from the write up and the chosen dating profile pic.

It transpired that men who were considered to good-looking from their photgraph were able to compose written text that enabled the confidence that being pleasant on the eye imbues to shine through. Whereas, those dating site members who were considered less attractive had similarly unflattering write-ups.

So, if you take the knowledge gleaned from our recent ‘insight’ articles, which highlights where members may be stretching the tolerances accepted by the online dating community as a whole, and apply those along with the character that emits through a write and still like the potential partner that you’ve singled out to run those tests on, you should really think about approaching them.

If, as the adage goes, like attract like, there should be no reason why your initiation doesn’t provoke a positive response.

Of course, the real proof of the pudding will be in the eating, but a lot of the guesswork should have been taken out and the man in the flesh should at least resemble that online dating profile that has moved you to action, thus far.

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