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dating site profiles unveil secret fingerprint

Following one of the biggest ever reports by data scientists evaluating dating site profiles and the accuracy of the details contained therein, we have a better insight than ever into the make up of matchmaking site members.

If you’re new to online dating, getting started in itself can be an uphill task – the last thing you need is having your confidence shattered by falling for someone whose representation of themselves is deliberately misleading.

It has been recognised that the temptation to shed a few pounds on your dating profile or use a not-so-up-to-date photo is too great for many to resist; however, there are unscrupulous singles whose vivid imaginations can paint a picture altogether unlike the real them. The researchers used sophisticated software to assist analysis of the syntax that broke down elements to highlight patterns to help identify those who may be leading you up the garden path.

There are several reasons attributed to why some members feel they have to lie about themselves in order to attract their target partner. One of the reasons dating site members lie on their profiles was akin to ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ – after looking at similar dating profiles, some singles seeking to attract a partner would bend their profiles to meet the expectations of the people they were trying to attract and ‘one-up’ themselves over the competition.

This has had a positive effect for some members of the dating site community. If they have identified a need to make themselves more attractive to a particular group, rather than consistently lie about it, they have actually looked to self-improve to attain the necessary stature to meet those requirements.

Liars use a certain language, too, both in the words they use and the emotions expressed. Sentences tend to be shorter and, rather than develop aspects of their character that other dating site members may find attractive, their profile is dotted with negatives, like ‘not’ and ‘never’. However, when expressing emotions, that negativity disappears, with a distinct lack of reference of feeling sad or upset. If they do, they tend to use the third person – all of which points to a distancing of them with the real them.

Other surprising findings from the study reveal that we are not perhaps the close-knit multi-racial society we think we are. Over 80% of approaches made to other singles by white members were to other whites. The black community, however, were far more likely to initiate contact with whites.

And guys who spend every other night in the gym may want to think about revoking their memberships. Women prefer men who are tall, will make allowances for a little extra poundage but, most of all, the pounds in the wallet are what really counts. So, gents, if you’re working out to get a woman, save your pennies!

Men, on the other hand, were more eager to respond to women slightly underweight with a less domineering physique.

And, lastly, to increase your chances of a long-term relationship, keep your political preferences to yourself. True – most long-term relationships show that the couples therein bat for the same party.

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