Captain’s log – Virgin star date

Millionaire launches search for a date in space

Everyone who uses online dating sites has an inkling of what their first date is going to be incorporate. More than likely, the liaison is planned down to the town, the restaurant -probably even the meal itself (goodbye, garlic).

To ensure that first impression is nothing less than memorable success, you‘ve acknowledged already that the budget may have to be stretched a little. But does anyone looking for love on line ever really dream that the hunt for their perfect partner will find them ready to lavish out $200,000 – per head – on the first date to ensure that the foundation for building a long-term relationship is well and truly laid?

Mm, perhaps not. But that money is already in the bag for one lucky lady on one of the more upmarket adult dating sites,

Bryan Christopher, a 38-year old millionaire from Ohio, has already splashed out for two tickets on board Sir Richard Branson’s scheduled adventures into space, but is yet to secure a partner for the jaunt Via the exclusive singles site, Christopher is looking for an ‘…adventurous, beautiful woman” to accompany him onboard Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two, when the first flights are confirmed, provisionally set for 2012.

Christopher will hope to join Branson and his wife, Joan, on the flight; he was inspired by a recoding made by the Virgin founder, who expressed his desire to run the gauntlet of emotions with his wife that is experienced by the thrust of G-force, floating weightlessly in space and sharing the once-in-a-lifetime experience of looking down on Earth, from space.

If the first date is successful, Mr Christopher is not ruling out a repeat performance.

When asked if his eventual online date will be expected to share a 2suit, a garment that unravels to accommodate two people, and then re-fastens using zips and Velcro for any couple looking to diminish space between them in orbit, he admitted that this tactic might be stretching the boundaries for a Virgin date.

Sir Branson himself has had experience in this field, admitting that he joined the mile-high club as a teenager. However, it is unlikely he would have imagined back then that he would be presenting the opportunity to entrepreneurs of the future on his own fleet of bed-lined aircraft at the time.

So, the moral of this story is: don’t under-sell yourself when setting yourself up for your first online date. If you’re lucky enough to land a millionaire, the sky really needn’t be the limit.

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