Prolific dating skills

One of the many tactics dating sites use to encourage women to sign up to their services is by offering them a free membership. The theory being that men are more likely to pay for a personals service; however, even they are not so frivolent to splash out if there are no members of the opposite sex to woo once they arrive.

This works well, and keeps the male/female ratio appropriate, especially as you move into Eastern Europe, and beyond.

Therefore, it is perhaps a little unusual when you come across a headline that includes the words ‘men’s’, ‘free’ and ‘dating’ all in one hit. But that is exactly the case with a how-to guide that has been collated by one such website, 100% dedicated to men’s advice on getting the best from their online dating service, whichever one that may be.

However, you will have to be quick – the five-day, online course is only open to the first 150 sign-ups, then it is being taken down forever, according to Alex Hitchens, the Online Dating Consultant who was the brainchild behind the project for the host company, Hitch-Up.

The site itself focuses on the younger end of the market, predominantly targeting the 18-38 age bracket (bugger!). Unlike many other online dating advice services, it not only caters for young singles looking for love online, but also caters for the married man, too.  Though, how many of the latter would be brave enough to tell their other halves that they were enrolling on a five-day course for getting the best out of internet dating sites, free or otherwise, we’ve yet to see.

Whilst explaining a little further about the ‘masterclass’ he has put together, Alex is keen to underline that the market for men for dating websites is still extremely buoyant. With communications, and life in general, so frantic, having a remote relationship is perhaps all that busy, young professionals (why am I seeing Del-Boy with a mac and filofax?) have time for, and bridges the gap between off-line love interests whilst they concentrate on their careers.

But the research has not been done purely targeting the upper-end of the online dating market.  In order to get an all-round perspective, Alex scraped the bottom of the barrel, visiting some extremely dodgy adult dating sites, whilst also incorporating free and paid memberships.

In summary, the course has been designed for men who have little or no success with online dating and will help to identify sites “…that will leave you with a good taste in your mouth.”

Bon appétit, gents! Enjoy the main course.

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