Dating site dilemma…part one

It’s official, then – I’m a senior! That’s what I discovered when I entered the phrase ‘dating site’ into ye olde Google search bar, anyway.

I can’t recall what the excerpt said – in my haste, shock, fright, take your pick, it went something along the lines of ‘Senior dating – your source for all 40+ dating’.

Okay, I only just sneak into that bracket by a mere thirteen months, but ready to join the blue rinse brigade? Not while I’ve still got my own teeth!

It did, however, remind me of a key aspect that everyone should consider when choosing a selection of dating sites; well, that was after three cigarettes and a double Jameson helped me get over the shock that members of the mature dating set may be considering me ‘fair game’.

And that question is: what do you want from a dating site?

Okay, back to the search (shivers). If you query ‘find love on line’ or ‘internet dating agency’ you will find hundreds, nay thousands, of agencies claiming to be the best or offering the widest choice of free singles…
…you get the message.

But how do you know that they know what you want? There is no easy answer. Here’s my advice, for what it’s worth, if you’re new to online dating and are looking for a pointer or two where to find your perfect match online of the 5.2 million registered online dating accounts in the UK, alone. Yep – where’s that haystack; we’re going needle-hunting?!

You can go at it head-down into the haystack and you may be lucky enough to get pricked on your first attempt, end of story, never need a dating site again. And well done to you if you do, but that is a 2.6 million to one shot, if you assume a fifty-fifty split male/female, minus a few who are perhaps still undecided (but there will be specialist dating communities for the latter, so you should be safe).

You have to look at finding your perfect partner as a long-term investment. If someone asked you to surrender the rest of your life against a specific profile because of the character’s beautiful blue eyes, would you? Yeah, you’d be surprised; people do.

But, generally speaking, singles using dating sites are looking for more than one positive aspect before throwing themselves onto their knees in supplication. In other words, to come up with a mix that’s attractive, you must filter out potential risks; okay, it might not be a perfect brew, but you have made your investment a safer bet than just going in gung-ho because of a perfect pair of peepers.

Okay – that’s enough theory for today.

When you come back tomorrow, I want you to have made a list of positives and negatives. About the dating site you’re looking for and the potential partner.

For the site, at this stage, just decide whether you’re looking for free or paid and whether you’re looking to target a specific age-range.

For your potential partner, you can be a little more specific. Again, if age is a consideration, put that down. Other things can include distance, income, incumbent family, occupation. Different characteristics rate more highly than others for everyone, so only you can judge which go where in priority.

Apply these filters, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with my thoughts on how to apply them online to help you narrow your search for the perfect internet date!

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