Does your dating site do it for you?

Many of us have, at one time or another, been tempted to click on an ad which exponentiations the latest dating site offering you to ‘meet your perfect match for free’. Indeed, many of us have done more than click through, having liked what we have seen.

According to latest figures, in the UK alone there are 5.2 million registered online dating community members – roughly 10% of the nation’s entire adult population!

There are many ruses ‘free dating sites’ try to get you to sign up. A couple of the classics are ‘search for your perfect partner for free’ – great – you’ve found them; however, if you want to contact them, you will need your credit details registered before you even say hi. The other carrot dangled, and this is a tactic particularly popular with Asian and Eastern Europe dating sites, is that women can sign up for free.

However, if you’re the fellah trying to make contact with that illustrious beau, waiting for you to find them on their chosen personals platform, likewise expect to have to fork out before they are even aware that your dating profile exists.

So what should you be looking out for in an online dating service to help you decide whether it’s worth dipping into your pocket and leveraging its matchmaking amenities?

First and foremost, if a website does ask for your credit card details as part of the sign up process, be sure to check that there is not some small-print that goes along the lines of ‘free for 6 months, then $4.95/month thereafter’. This is not as prominent a feature as it used to be, mainly due to dating website competition, but many adult dating sites do have subscriptions, and many not-so single people have been caught out when a charge of $4.95 from Bosom Buddies (name changed to protect the not-so innocent) appears on the joint account after 6 months, irrespective of the sign-up member ever having used the service, or not.
And, yes, I am talking from my own very bitter experience on that one.

Some other things you may want look out for in your membership package are limits on the volume of messaging you are likely to incur, depending upon the price band you plump for.
Can you gain access to the chat-rooms and forums, where members can really break their online dating service down for you?

Is it possible to video chat or send private message, and if so at what cost?
Does a potential partner have profile photos and personal information that you can access beyond the public one?

And, perhaps most importantly, with a shift in the market undeniably in the undercurrent of online dating, if not quite yet breaking the surface, is does your internet-based contact site have integration with iPhone or Android apps?

So, before you are tempted to sign up for a low-cost dating membership, be sure it offers more than you could get for free on your social media platform.

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