Silver surfers #1 in online dating searches

The thought of running a match against my online dating profile and the results bringing up my grandad are, well, just plain scarey, let alone what that eventuality would do for my self-confidence.  Needless to say, if our dating credentials were compatible, I’d probably never be able to look him in the eye again…
…and sitting on his knee at the Christmas get together – forget it.

But the odds of me meeting someone from the, shall we say, more mature dating crowd online are slimming by the day.  In contrast, just the thought of any compatability with the upper branches of my family tree through any type of online singles service has me reaching for comfort-chocolate and puts pounds on my hips, but that’s perhaps for another day.

According to the US Census Bureau, more than a third of men and women fifty-plus are not married.  That figure translates into new adult dating site memberships; the reported numbers from dating agencies suggest that sign-ups from the over fifty-five bracket has increased almost 40% in the last three years.

The reasoning behind these figures, those in the know suggest, is down to a combination of factors.

First and foremost, individuals looking to find love on line are a lot more au fait with the internet than previous generations classed as ‘seniors’.  Many have matured with the age of computing, therefore searching for their perfect partner online is not as alien a concept as it has been to this age-group in the past.

Online dating agencies are great tools for searching for your partner if you know what you’re looking for and you concede a fair amount of leeway in what you expect from the profile search results.  Maybe having been around the block a few times, the more mature members of society using an internet-based dating tool know precisely which character traits to filter out.

Not only can our mature dating seniors show us a thing or two about being honest in what you’re looking for, but also their experience of dating off-line brings realisation that you can spend all of your life looking for that one special relationship, which ticks all of your boxes, but miss out on helluva lot of fun with those who are darned close.

It is less than surprising, then, that singles in the fifty-five plus bracket are hitting dating sites more than any other age group. But they have some competition – the 45-54 group hold second spot in frequenting online dating sites.
So, I’m off to find a partner online quick, before the internet dating community is sponsored by Saga…

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