Bieber bodyguard in online dating loan claim

Just when Justin Bieber thought things couldn’t get any worse, one of his personal bodyguards, Moshe Benabou, is being accused as the perpertrator of borrowing money from a lady he started dating online and being unable, or unwilling, to pay it back.

This serves as a warning to anyone approached through an online personals service that giving money to someone you do not know, no matter what credentials they purport to hold, is never a good idea.

In Spring this year, the unfortunate victim struck up a relationship after being approached by Bieber’s personal bodyguard on a well-known dating site and subsequently entered into e-mail correspondence.

When the young star came to Los Angeles, the home town of the unnamed lady makingbehind these allegations, she and her new online dating interest finally made the transition from an online romance to an offline, physical encounter.

In an exclusive interview with online news outfit the victim of this real-life dating tragedy revealed the lead-up, the transaction and the subsequent attempts to retrieve the money which have left her with a bitter taste in her mouth and a huge hole in her bank balance. All of the claims report to have verified with the online dating site member, who wishes to remain anonymous to ensure the privacy of her family and close relations.

Following their initial meeting in May, the couple proceeded to date. The relationship flourished and, at the beginning of this fleeting romance, Moshe Benabou was described as being ‘very charming’.

That all changed in August when the bodyguard asked to borrow $3,000 from her, adding how hard it was for him to have to ask this favour of her. Allegedly to send back to his children whilst he had other business in Florida, he promised that the money would be repaid “For sure in a month but it will be before,” via text.
The day after receiving that text, Moshe visited the victim at home, where the money was begrudgingly handed over.

Following that transaction, after texting each other numerous times a day, there was nothing more from the bodyguard, neither via phone nor on his online dating profile, for almost a week.

Early in September, following stronger demands for the loan to be repaid, the woman received a text which simply stated that he would have the money for her “Sep 30 good bye till then.”

The saga continued into October, when Moshe texted the female dating site member from South America, where he was allegedly supervising the security for the beleaguered pop starlet, stating that the money would be wired from Panama.

When that never happened, the accusee finally got to see her online beau on October 31st, resulting the couple going on a dinner date. She came away with a cheque for just $1,000, which, before depositing, she decided to check his bank account so as not to incur charges if it bounced. It was lucky that she did; she was told, as were when they also rang to confirm the availablility of funds, that there was not enough money in the account to honour the cheque.
To this day, this once active member of a vibrant online dating community is resigned to never getting her money back.

If this report rings any bells with experienced internet-based dating members, please be sure to forward it on to people who, from their dating website messages, look like being tempted into similar circumstances!

If that potential online partner starts asking you for money, or to invest in anything that you are in the slightest suspicious about, just don’t do it! They’re only after one thing, and it’s not your body or superior intellect!

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