Do dating sites drain your resources?

You’ve been at work all day, busily sifting through e-mail after e-mail and can’t wait to get home…
…only to have to open up your private message box in your online dating site and repeat a similar process all over again.

Okay, looking for love on line potentially has greater rewards for you than the average 9-5, or so we’re led to believe.

However, recent articles in the press Stateside suggest that a lack of success in finding that special relationship on your singles platform is resulting in a decline in frequency of usage.
Couple that with other external sources questioning the validity of ‘conversion rates’ made by some of the larger matchmaking agencies on the ‘net, many would be Romeos are sending their profiles to the recycle bin.
As internet dating rattles towards its second full decade of existence, with many of us having had a dabble on a dating website at one stage or another since the really big players became accepted in the mid-nineties, the market has recognised that it may be time to spice things up again to keep Joe and Joanne Public interested in the matchmaking services they offer.
Indeed, one Wall St journal summed the atmosphere up quite nicely in one succint headline, only recently:- “Scary New Dating Site: The Real World”.

So, what are the thinkers behind global and UK dating sites dreaming up for its patrons next, especially in view of the fact that the world’s online dating public will be awaiting the outcome of this weekend’s iDate awards in Miami?
Outside of the big players, those boasting memberships that could form a whole nation and circle the world twice if laid head to foot, there are smaller start-ups offering just that little bit more.

The new thinking is not based on filling a whole load of personality traits, pairing DNA or running the whole dating site’s membership through a Deep Thought-type main-frame to see who is the best match.

One such company has looked at the whole process of the online dating searches, based on inconsistent results during the founder’s own search for Mr Right. Her results carry some weight, too; although admitting to having quite a bit of fun with the experience of perusing potential partners on line, the end product was dishearteneding, even with some of the more exclusive matchmaking services.
In recent a interview, the founder gave this insight into what her agency represents and what its membership can expect: “We have to consider you interesting and presentable; you could be stunning but have no personality – we wouldn’t select you. If you weren’t well groomed or had no interests, you wouldn’t make it.”
Having clarified the criteria to join, she then went on to summarise the differences showcased on her site, compared with so many of the online dating sites she found so ineffective, “We try to take people away from their lists – the starting point for any internet profile…we’re acting like friends of friends. Personal recommendation is the way things are going if you can afford it and you’re busy.”
So, before you quit the internet forever as the platform for your primary dating source, just be aware changes are in the wings! And Miami in January may just be where it all takes flight.

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