Hot to foxtrot

More often used to scoring professional dancers and their ‘star’ partners on screen, Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba has scored off-screen, dating online!

As is the want, this year, of contestants sharing the intimacies of their personal relationships, Carrie Ann has followed suit, giving us the background of her online dating experiece with Jesse Sloan, choosing the platform of ‘Access Hollywood’ to do so.

So, exactly how did Miss Inaba floor her man?

Following a succession of dates with a younger singles base, Carrie Ann decided to chance throwing someone with a more mature dating perspective into the mix. Jesse’s profile picture prepossessed an element of familiarity, as she confessed to ‘Access’ a sense of already knowing him, before they even made contact.

And there’s a lesson about online dating that we can all heed: taking time to choose a picture that does yourself justice on dating sites proves its merit here as in March, on ‘Live! With Regis & Kelly’, Sloan got down on one knee to cement their relationship once and for all.

From Mr Sloan’s viewpoint, being the exception that breaks the above rule, Carrie Ann posted neither profile picture, nor information about her celebrity status, instead relying on solid, honest content. It was not until their online relationship had progressed a deal further than the standard introductions that Jesse was granted a photograph.

Even then, and this was several months down the line, the picture was one of Miss Inaba stripped of all make-up, very much as nature intended. The transition from online dating to actually meeting, albeit a supervised date to one of Carrie Ann’s friends places, occurred not long afterwards.

Following a steady courtship, their relationship appears to be building pace. When questioned about when the engagement will lead to the inevitable wedding, Carrie Ann told ‘Access’ that other needs were more pressing than formalising their current dating status by placing rings on their fingers.

With Jesse approaching the age at which life begins, and Miss Inaba slightly past that milestone, she is very conscious of the speed dating and engagement has taken thus far, and would welcome the patter of tiny feet just as much, if not more than, settling on dates for nuptials.

In her own words, she ‘suck[s]’ at wedding planning, so getting ‘moving on the baby’ front may be the priority.

All of us here at offer our heartiest congratulations to the happy couple, as a real-life testament that online dating works. And hurry up and get out of that studio and away on that honeymoon, Carrie-Ann – before the wedding, you do not want to see the last of your tan go!

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