Dating sites to benefit from new app

Social media continually improves the methods in which we can promote ourselves across a whole host of platforms to the World Wide Web in an instant. Gone are the days spent filling in your online dating profile every single time you joined a new dating community.In the past, when looking to explore new adult networking or personals sites, disinterest could soon supersede anticipation if the plethora of information required at sign-up was unequivocally long in relation to the benefits offered.Whilst the thrill of exploring pastures new remained, the repetitiveness of entering your dating profile soon became a chore.

That changed markedly with ‘autofill’: theoretically, complete your details once, and then every time your personals were requested by the next site, your browser did the rest.  However, not all forms were designed equally; my age is not as long as my mobile number, although, nowadays it sometimes feels that way.

We now have ‘OpenID’; once you sign in to your new dating site and subsequently confirm these details by clicking an auto-responsive e-mail – bang – all of your information is instantly stored on their server.  Job done.

Even blogs offer the facility, once registered, to join with your Google, facebook or Twitter log-in; you can start finding your online matches immediately, without the headache of having to provide everything from the colour of your eyes to the size of your…

How easy is it to join a new dating site, now?  Simples – literally one click and you’re verified!

Now here comes the crunch: How is your information verified?

Just because some time in the distant past you’ve filled in a form and validated it by confirming the e-mail?  Not exactly passport-secure, is it?

After waiting years for technology to facilitate instant, lovable online profile creation, these methods may be whipped from beneath our feet.

Tr.uly, based in Boston, US, have developed a sign-in application that, not only requires the information we are used to providing, but also requests data which aligns with US government information records.

If you have signed up to your current online dating service with false information (including your age), start worrying now.  They’ll be on to you!

However, there is a positive side.

If your relationships site adopts this application, and many free dating sites in the US have expressed more than a passive interest, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Joanne from Stafford will not suddenly become Duncan the dustman from Wolverhampton on your first date.

You’re also provided with your own mobile QR code, for on-the-spot verification for added security.

Furthermore, if you want to display your credulity online, there’s an option to give your profile its own stand-alone URL (website), which you can link to any manner of online dating agency profile, although this does attract an annual fee, currently $4.95.

So, next time that drop-down menu appears, if you are thirty-something, be sure to click that “30-39” option; there’s no rolling back the years with this new app.

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